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Adult Education and Formation

Epiphanytide On January 7 we will celebrate the Feast of Our Lord’s Epiphany. "Epiphany" comes from the Greek word meaning "appearance" or "manifestation." It is during this church season that we recognize the appearance of the Christ child to the Magi and to the broader Gentile world. According to Matthew’s gospel, the Magi journeyed from far-off lands, guided only by a star, to see where the newborn Jesus lay. Throughout this season, I invite us to journey with the Magi to Bethlehem, to reimagine that scene of straw and smiles and infant cries. Ultimately, I pray the Epiphany season will be a time for us to gaze upon our Lord, our God, and our faith, with new eyes. Our Adult Education and Formation during Epiphany will offer three distinct opportunities for spiritual nourishment.

Adult Forum

Sundays in the Parish Hall from 9:15am–10:15am. As we journey alongside the Magi to the Christ child, our Adult Forums will focus on what it looks like to walk the ways of the faithful. We will watch a cinematic depiction of our patron saint; we will think together about saintly ideals and virtues; and we will learn new ways to pray and consider scripture in light of those who have come before.
7th No forum this Sunday.
14th The Flowers of Saint Francis Viewing of The Flowers of Saint Francis (1950). This film, from director by Roberto Rosellini, affords a picturesque portrayal of the life and ministry of Saint Francis. After each viewing we will have time for brief conversation to consider how we, as those who bear the saint’s name, might embody our faith in a spirit of Saint Francis. This week will cover the first portion of the film.
21st Completion of The Flowers of Saint Francis (1950).
28th "The Origins of Christian Monasticism", Dr. Derek Krueger, Professor of Religious Studies, UNC-Greensboro. Dr. Krueger will offer us some historical examples of Christian piety and devotion leading up to the person of Francis of Assisi.
4th No forum this Sunday.
11th "Can the saints still speak?", The Rev. Dr. Andrew Harmon. Fr. Drew will conclude our Adult Forum time in Epiphanytide by facilitating a conversation on the relevance of the lives of the saints for our 21st-century context.

Small-Group Book Study

Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life Sundays in the Gold Room from 9:15am–10:15am. Co-led by Fr. Drew and Participants. What does it look like to follow after God? If you’ve ever felt frustrated, apathetic, or ambivalent about the ways in which your faith shapes your life, join us. Together we will look at Rowan Williams’s recent book, Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life, and think through issues of forgiveness, holiness, and faith in society. Copies of the book will be made available on our first Sunday (January 7). This group will meet every Sunday during Epiphany.

Lectionary at Lunch

Wednesdays in the Gold Room from 12:00pm–12:45pm. Led by Fr. Drew. One of the distinctive beauties of our Episcopal spirituality is our use of the lectionary—a collection of scripture texts appointed for worship. But sometimes our preferences creep in, causing us to wonder what one text has to do with another. At other times, our given readings might strike us as curious, even offensive. You are invited to bring your lunch as we explore each week’s readings in more depth. This group will meet every Wednesday during Epiphany starting January 10.

Personal Prayer

Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life Personal Prayer. With the desire to live more into the spirit of St. Francis, the church is making available The St. Francis Prayer Book for your personal devotion throughout Epiphany. A limited number of these prayer books are available in the church office. Donations appreciated.

Youth Christian Formation

Sunday School
Sunday School is for preschoolers-5th graders, Sunday School will be during the 10:30 worship service. The classes are split into two groups, PreK-2nd grade, and 3rd-5th grade. The PreK-2nd Grade class meets in Classroom #7/9, while the 3rd-5th Grade class meets just across the hall in Classroom #10. The goal of our Sunday School curriculum is to teach children the way of Christ in the church and in the world, and to give them a solid grounding for their lifelong faith journey. Children begin in class and join their parents in the congregation for the celebration of Holy Eucharist at the Peace.

Our Middle School Sunday School and Cornerstone class (High School) meet at 9:15am. The Middle Schoolers meet in St. Mike's, and Cornerstone meets in the Cornerstone classroom, room #14/16. These classes continue on the faith foundations and journeys of our students, and foster spiritual leadership in our students--and usually include snacks!

Confirmation Class
Our Confirmation program will begin today, Sunday, January 14th, and is open to all baptized students in at least the 8th grade! This first day will be a meeting for both confirmands and their parents, to explain the program, curriculum, and answer any questions you may have. We will meet immediately following the 10:30am worship service in St. Mike's, with lunch to be provided.

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Adult Education and Formation
Youth Christian Formation

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