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Facility Use Policy

St. Francis Episcopal Church is a community where we seek and serve all in the spirit of simplicity, with heartfelt compassion, and our faith is grounded in the God of hope.

Our Facilities
St. Francis Church provides space for the various ministries and needs of our congregation. We also wish to meet the needs of both community and non-profit organizations as we are able.
Facility Use Agreement
Parish Hall Layout

Parish Hall
Our Parish Hall may accommodate 100 to 150 people depending on the use. It includes kitchen facilities and audio/visual equipment.

Some classroom space is available for small groups (up to 20 people).

Library and St. Mike’s
Our library and St. Mike’s House are set up to accommodate up to 25 people in a living room style area.

Our worship space is Sacred Space set aside for worship. It is a simple and comfortable place for worship, contemplation and the experience of the Holy Spirit. Activities, such a sacred concerts, sacred art and sacred programs may be held in the Sanctuary. Those wishing to use this space must agree to the following guidelines to ensure our Holy space is respected and honored.

The PA system may be used as is and under the direction of a staff person. Use of the organ or piano is approved by St. Francis’ Music Director. Under no circumstances may Sanctuary furniture or fixtures be moved unless approved in writing by the Rector. No secular decorations may be placed in this space.

Abuse of the above guidelines by any organization will result in the organization losing its deposit and further welcome.

Space is reserved on a first come basis. Deposit and completed Facility Use Agreement must be turned into the office to guarantee reservation. Space is typically not available on Saturdays or Sundays. Non-member individual parties are not allowed in any space. Our staff will assist in scheduling and arranging for space and equipment. Church events and activities take precedence over outside groups desiring use of the facility. And if there are needs to accommodate a funeral, we will happily cooperate with any group, who has made prior reservations, and try and reach an amicable solution. However, if necessary, St. Francis reserves the right to move, modify, or cancel any activity, including ones scheduled in advance, should the requirements of a funeral dictate this action.

The sale or serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless approved by the Vestry. Smoking is not permitted in any part of our facilities.

Groups using the space are responsible for taking the trash to the dumpsters.

Room temperatures are set at 69 for heat and 75 for air conditioning, and will be adjusted accordingly to accommodate group size.

Special Equipment
Audio/Visual equipment is available to those using our facilities. Staging, tables, chairs and kitchen/eating utensils are available as well. A staff person will assist you in set-up and use of these resources. Should damage occur during your use of these resources you will be expected to pay for the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment.

Keys may be obtained through the Administrative Coordinator. The contact person for the event is responsible for securing the building and returning the key immediately following the event.

Use Rates and Fees Rates are determined annually and are based on costs to maintain the facilities. Fees for one-time use, up to six hours (additional hours at a pro-rated fee):

Parish Hall $200.00
St. Mike’s $100.00
Nursery $ 50.00
Kitchen $ 100.00
Use of smaller appliances only
(coffee pots, warmers, etc.)
Library $50.00
Classroom $25.00
Sanctuary (other than wedding) $100.00
Use of piano $100.00
Audio/Visual Equipment $75.00
LCD Projector $200.00

A $50 deposit and completed Facility Use Agreement is required to reserve a date. Full payment is due one week prior to the event. $50 deposit is refundable upon final inspection approval from staff member.

Deposit will not be refunded if cancellation occurs within one month of scheduled event.

Set-up and take-down
St. Francis’ staff is responsible for set-up and take-down of all equipment and furniture. A sketch/diagram of the required area must be provided with the reservation and deposit. If renting the Parish Hall, please use this layout to draw your sketch/diagram of the layout You are expected to leave the building as it was found.

Any organization using our facilities is asked to join with us in caring and protecting our children. We require those organizations using our facilities that include the presence of children to hire and use only persons who are church approved trained professionals in childcare. At least two adult child care persons are to care and monitor children in our facility or on our play grounds.

Users of our facilities may be asked prior to the event to furnish liability waiver or certificate of insurance in the amount of not less that $500,000 for each person injured or deceased and property damage insurance not less than $500,000 for each occurrence on which St. Francis Episcopal Church shall be named as an additional insured and/or reasonable bond or cash deposit.

Groups using the facility on a recurring basis shall procure a Certificate of General Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000; St. Francis Episcopal Church shall be named as an additional insured. A certificate of insurance must be turned into the church office 14 days prior to the event or the start of regularly recurring activity.

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